Small Businesses Advice – Blogging

I went to Mashable Connect last weekend — here’s some advice I gave to Phonebooth about using social media – in this case, how blogging plays a part:

Just a couple extra notes about creating blog content and then sending out to social media:

  • Don’t look at it as a Blog – It’s content distribution.
  • 71.4% of consumers say that blogs effect their purchasing decisions “somewhat” or “very much.”
  • 25% visited a site after learning about a product via social media.
  • 30% claimed they wished to learn more about a product or service.
  • 48% of twitter users introduced to a brand were compelled to search for additional information.
For more tips, here’s a great presentation by Hubspot‘s Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella that’s hugely helpful:

Finally, I won a new MacBook Pro & a free year of phone service from Chris Moody & Phonebooth Friends. Thank you guys so much!  If anyone needs a free year of Business Phone Service, lemme know — I have an extra!!

data source:

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