Time, Money, and Risk… My 41st Birthday

I took a trip to Hungary when I was about 21 years old.

It was such a great experience, but decided I would embark on a trip to visit a friend in France.

Being a young man, I had little sense of time, money, or even risk for that matter — it was really just me I had to worry about; I had my backpack, and a little money in my pocket (about $280).

A week later, I was stuck in Zürich, Switzerland without a dollar to spare.

Who knew travel & food would be so expensive?

Well, I certainly didn’t, but that was okay. I was young, determined, and resourceful. That and I made some friends on the train who offered to put me up in Switzerland until I could figure out what to do next.

I turned Forty One years old today.

I decided to embark on another trip — quitting my job to start something new.

But this time, there’s much more at stake. Time, money, and risk mean something completely different today. It’s no longer just me, a backpack, and a little money in my pocket.

View of Golden Gate from our kitchen window

There’s a wife of 14 years. There’s also three amazing children, and a new home overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

When I was 21, the destination was clear, get to France.

Now, it’s not so clear. I’m not even sure what the destination looks like.

I’m also not sure where the trip is going to take us.

But here’s the thing about being 21 — I did eventually get to France. It might have taken me in directions I hadn’t thought of, and required some help from friends to pitch in so I could reach my destination.

I believe the trip we are on today will likely have us arrive at our next destination in a similar fashion.

Happy Birthday to me — thanks guys.

8 thoughts on “Time, Money, and Risk… My 41st Birthday

  1. As John Lennon once said, “If you’re standing on the edge of a cliff, wondering whether to jump, go ahead and jump.” Congrats for making the leap. It’s going to be great (and hard, and frustrating, and joyous). Also, we’ve got your back.

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