Dear Delta,

So I’m in Omaha this week, and then this happened:

I reached out on Twitter – the best they could offer was $100. The kind Twitter rep from @deltaassist instructed me, “My apologies unfortunately I am not authorized to give more. Please contact us via the link Thank you.”

So I wrote this:

I arrived on time. The flight was oversold so Delta gave my seat away.
Story here:
The person at the counter explained to me it was Spring Break, so seats were filled in order of their arrival. It’s a matter of trust, I was sold a ticket which should be an expectation that the seat is mine.

How am I ever to trust your airline again if you can arbitrarily give away the seat I paid for?

If one were sitting at terminal & @deta asked one to give up their seat, how much would they be offered to be voluntarily inconvenienced? Probably more than $100 voucher or 7K SkyMiles as @DeltaAssist offered me? No?

Not only was I inconvenienced, but we had to inconvenience the Omaha Chamber of Commerce (my host) to return to the airport to get me. On top of that, I’ll miss a date w/ my wife & friends for this evening that’s been planned for a month.

$100 covers my lunch, dinner, and maybe the extra parking at SFO.

I’m appalled also that I have to write this letter to an unknown person after having already spoken to a counter person who could “do nothing”

and a twitter rep who “unfortunately I am not authorized to give more.”

I feel Delta employees are not empowered or incentivized to solve situations like mine.

How am I to continue any sort of trust going forward knowing all of this?

We’ll see what happens.

2:41pm UPDATE: Twitter Rep just DM’d “I would like to make this right for you. As an exception I can offer a $200 voucher or 10K miles.” I said, “I sent a note to the link you gave me. I should wait to see if they feel more strongly about repairing trust, right?” They replied, “I am terribly sorry I couldn’t do more to help. Someone from Customer Care will be in contact with you.” — Should I wait, or just be done with it?

2:49pm UPDATE: Just got a friendly automatic note from @delta Customer Care saying, “Thank you for taking the time to write. On behalf of Delta Air Lines, Air France, and KLM we appreciate the opportunity to review your comments. We assure you we will reply within 30 days. Please know we strive to meet a goal of responding within 7 days, however, due to the complexity of some correspondence, we may need additional time to respond and appreciate your patience.”

4:00pm UPDATE: New twitter agent sends following DM “The DOT rule applies if you’re checked & we deny you boarding. Your seat was dropped at 30 min. out as you were not checked in.”  I replied, “That’s curious, because I was at the kiosk trying to check in at 11:15pm. So how does that not apply?” In fact, the kiosk told me to go to talk to an agent, so then had to wait in line to be told I had no seat. Is this new Twitter Agent really trying to squabble with me over what time he thinks I should be credited for arriving at the Agent’s desk?

03/13/2013 UPDATE: Due to the 30 date wait, frustration of having been tossed around to three separate agents, and overall emotional “done-ness,” I threw in the towel and accepted their offer for 10,000 skymiles. I’m not sure I’ll even use them, but I really wasn’t getting that, “we want to win you back,”  type of gesture one might expect from a company that just gave away your seat. So there ya have it, I believe this is Delta’s plan for building their business: just wear down your customers until they stop wanting to fight.


7 thoughts on “Dear Delta,

  1. You had a confirmed ticket, had checked in, and they just gave your seat away without asking for volunteers first? What is Delta thinking?! I hope they at least upgrade you for free on the way home tonight.

    How poorly handled. 30 days for a response? Just horrible horrible horrible. Between overselling flights, baggage fees/fighting all the carry ons, and TSA- it is a wonder that we even bother to try and fly.

  2. I knew there was a reason Delta was not my airline of choice…unfortunately, sometimes my company’s policies and other airline pricing makes it so I have to fly Delta. I will avoid them if at all possible. Best wishes…I hope they make you whole and then some!

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