I’m the  father of three, husband of one (14 years), a Wisconsinite, entrepreneur, adviser, and public speaker.


Founder & CEO of Addvocate.com

Past roles include:

  • Salesforce.com – Director of Social Media
  • Salesforce.com – Director of Product Marketing
  • UserVoice Co-Founder – online feedback forum service
  • Citizen Wausau Founder – a hyper-local citizen-journalism blog
  • CitizenDesk Founder – coworking space
  • TaskPick Creative Director – task management application
  • Superstarch Founder – web strategy & design consultancy
  • Starbucks Retail Store Manager – a small coffee shop
  • RockWater Co-Founder – non-profit cyber cafe for youth

I have a piece of paper saying I studied Theology.
Also dropped-out of two major Universities.

Advisor to Startups

Random Facts

  • Married to @emilyjo
  • Have a twin brother Angus
  • Began blogging in 2002
  • Smuggled Bibles into the former Soviet Union
  • Joined J.Crew as catalog model
  • Founded the first Internet cafe in Central Wisconsin
  • Father of a child with Cystic Fibrosis
  • Wausau Chili Cook-Off – Grand Champion – 2001

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